Receiving energy work from Jean was both very soothing and helpful. It helped me  to breakthrough some old energy patterns and gain insight into certain areas of my life and relationships. After each treatment, I could feel a generous flow of energy and a solid grounding. I highly recommend it!

Elizabeth, Wakefield, Que.

The energy was very soothing. I felt very grounded afterwards. The pain left immediately

Roger, Wakefield, Que

I was having anxiety attacks, after my session I felt calm and these attacks went away. I felt much more connected.

Caitlin, Ottawa, Ont.

I was experiencing pain in my back, during the session I felt an energy in my body, something I had not experienced before, the pain left my back.

Phil, Wakefield Que

I had been experiencing pain in my gal bladder after receiving a distant healing over the phone I felt better.

John, White Lake, Ont.

I received a few minutes of treatment in a parking lot as I stood outside my car, I was having serious back pain. I was unable to sit in the car waiting for my friend the pain was so bad. Within a day I was 50 percent better, I was surprised.

Joanne, Masham, Que

I had broken my ankle my first treatment the pain left immediately for a few days, after my second treatment I was able to walk without my crutches and had no pain, I will be continuing my treatments to speed up my healing.

Stephan, Wakefield, Que.

I was told by my doctor that I might have a problem to have children. I had been on very strong medication that made me feel ill.  After one session of healing, I could feel a change.  When I saw my doctor, soon after he said my condition I had for years was gone and I no longer needed the medication.  I am now expecting my first child.

Jess, Armprior, Ont.