I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2019 and I sometimes have relapses. Jean helps me heal while meditating with me over the phone. It really makes a big difference and I’m able to resume my day and be productive again. I have already recommended Jean to some of my friends who have health issues.

Cédric, Gatineau, Quebec (2020)

I had been experiencing pain in my gal bladder. After receiving a distant healing over the phone I felt better.

John, White Lake, Ontario

After my first session with Jean I started to feel subtle energy in my body– something I’d never felt before, or paid any attention to. I remember saying the next day that it was like I had discovered a way to feel my stress level in real-time, and track moment-by-moment, the effect of meditation and other practices to help calm me down. As someone who has struggled with anxiety for all of my adult life, this was a revelation! This new body awareness has stayed with me ever since, and I tune into it every day. I am so grateful to Jean for opening this door for me, I can’t imagine my life without it.

Dana, Toronto, Ontario (2019)

I’ve been going to sessions with Jean for a few years now. With her gentle and calm approach, she has done an amazing job guiding and healing me with my anxiety. In addition, this past year, I was diagnosed with tenosynovitis in my hand; I was wearing a brace and had difficulty holding simple things like a coffee mug. After going to physiotherapy and sessions with Jean, I now have 95% mobility.

And, her massages are the best I’ve ever had!!

Brenda, Wakefield, Quebec (2019)

Wonderful energy work you did on my mother at the Manor!! She seemed really in a better space after receiving it.

Lisa, Wakefield, Quebec (2019)

Thank you for the great massage! I will definitely see you again.. you channel great healing energy that can be felt.. and is beneficial and relaxing!

Thanks again,

Kathy, Maniwaki, Quebec (2019)

Receiving energy work from Jean was both very soothing and helpful. It helped me  to breakthrough some old energy patterns and gain insight into certain areas of my life and relationships. After each treatment, I could feel a generous flow of energy and a solid grounding. I highly recommend it!

Elizabeth, Wakefield, Quebec

The energy was very soothing. I felt very grounded afterwards. The pain left immediately

Roger, Wakefield, Quebec

I was having anxiety attacks, after my session I felt calm and these attacks went away. I felt much more connected.

Caitlin, Ottawa, Ontario

I was experiencing pain in my back, during the session I felt an energy in my body, something I had not experienced before, the pain left my back.

Phil, Wakefield, Quebec

I received a few minutes of treatment in a parking lot as I stood outside my car, I was having serious back pain. I was unable to sit in the car waiting for my friend the pain was so bad. Within a day I was 50 percent better, I was surprised.

Joanne, Masham, Quebec

I had broken my ankle my first treatment the pain left immediately for a few days, after my second treatment I was able to walk without my crutches and had no pain, I will be continuing my treatments to speed up my healing.

Stephan, Wakefield, Quebec

I was told by my doctor that I might have a problem to have children. I had been on very strong medication that made me feel ill.  After one session of healing, I could feel a change.  When I saw my doctor, soon after he said my condition I had for years was gone and I no longer needed the medication.  I am now expecting my first child.

Jess, Armprior, Ontario